To Sweep or Not To Sweep

When Autumn comes around and paints the trees full of color, we all stare with awe at the beautiful leaves. 

But when those beautiful leaves start falling to the ground, they can be a lot of work to clean up.  Instead of breaking your back raking all season long, consider these alternatives for handling autumn leaves.

Mulch leaves into your lawn  If you have a light, dry layer of leaves, you can use a mulching mower to “chop up” your leaves into a nutrient-rich meal for your lawn.  The finely chopped leaves your mower leaves (no pun intended) behind will settle into your lawn and decompose naturally.

Sweep instead of raking  You can use lawn sweepers to quickly pick up leaves.  Leaves are collected into a large hopper – allowing you to cover large areas quickly and easily.  Lawn sweepers are available in walk behind and tow-behind styles:

Once you have collected your leaves with your lawn sweeper, you have a number of options for disposing of them:

  1. Add them to your compost pile
  2. Put them in your garden – to be tilled into the soil
  3. Use them as winter protection for rose and other tender bushes – cage the plant and fill the cage with dry leaves
  4. Use them as mulch around shrubs and perennials
  5. If your community still allows it – you can always burn them

Now you have a much easier and more productive way of keeping your lawn clean while possibly making use of those leaves you collect. Remember to always be safe, and keep that lawn looking fresh!

Agri-Fab Walk-Behind Lawn Sweeper

Agri-Fab (26″) Push Lawn Sweeper

Ohio Steel Tow-Behind Yard Sweeper

Ohio Steel (42″) 22 Cubic Foot Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

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