Honoring the Lawn Mower Man

A month later, but not forgotten. Chris Cox, nicknamed the Lawn Mower Man, will be returning to the Lincoln Memorial Wednesday, November 13th to be honored in a small ceremony. The ceremony will be held at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial steps where he will receive a new chainsaw and $1,800 to help cover any bills or parking expenses acquired while maintaining the memorials.

Early last month, Chris Cox was spotted mowing the lawn outside the Lincoln Memorial with a South Carolina flag waving behind him. He felt that the government shutdown should not be a reason stop caring for the memorials and monuments of our nation, so he took it upon himself to care for them. He’d hoped to inspire others to help with the landscape around the monuments and memorials.

Lots of volunteers did show up to help him clean the grounds. Cox said it was quite an interesting experience, and he met a lot of really neat people. He’s still working on responding to the thousands of emails he’s received, and plans to respond to everybody.

Working 10 and 12 hour days, he found it difficult to keep up with the parking meter which gives you only eight minutes for 25 cents. He tried, but unfortunately acquired some parking tickets. The $1,800 collected will go toward his parking tickets and any other fuel and supplies he needed to maintain the memorial lawns.

Mr. Cox is a custom carpenter by profession, and as chain saws are essential for a professional wood carving artist, the new gas chainsaw will help a lot with his commissioned woodworking projects.



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