Drying Your Truck or Car – Leaf Blower or Air Compressor?

Air compressors are great tools that serve many purposes quite well. In fact, if you’re looking to clean leaves out of your garage and off of your drive, they will work quite well for that. But what if you’ve just finished washing your truck and want to give it a quick spot-free dry?

Air compressor tanks tend to build condensation in them. This condensation can produce and collect very small rust particles that aren’t easily noticeable. When you’re blasting air onto your freshly cleaned paint with an air compressor, you may be blasting tiny rust particles on it as well.

There are ways to get around this besides buying an expensive filtration system for your air compressor. One way is to substitute with an electric leaf blower. Electric leaf blowers are usually quite cheap, but work very well. They can sometimes have more power than a gas leaf blower, and the cord isn’t really an issue since you’re not likely venturing very far from an outlet.

An electric leaf blower will dry your vehicle quite efficiently with clean, dry air so there’s no need to be concerned about rust particles. You can even get an electric handheld blower-vacuum, enabling you to easily transfer from blow drying your vehicles to vacuuming leaves and small debris from your garage floor.



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