How to Lubricate Your Weed Wacker Drive Shaft

Lubricating the Shaft

Lubricating the Shaft

We’ve all been there. You’re out back along the fence weed wacking away, and it feels like you’ll never finish. It’s clearly not performing at its best, but what can you do?

You’ve checked the engine, and it’s revving up just fine. You’ve inspected the head, and it’s working fine also. What could be holding you back?

Drive shaft lubrication is the key when you find yourself stuck in this kind of situation. Without proper lubricant, the friction on the shaft is just too much to allow for proper motion.

To lubricate your shaft, you must start by placing it on a work bench and removing the spark plug. Then you need to locate the gearbox at the end of the shaft and unscrew it with a screwdriver.

Remove the gearbox and trimmer head. Pull the drive shaft out from inside the shaft housing and wipe it down with a rag.

The drive shaft will be filthy, so be sure to wear gloves for protection. Try to clean all of the built up grease and dirt from the shaft before lubricating it.

Once it’s clean, apply a thin layer of shaft lubricant along the full length of the shaft. Wearing a glove, smooth the lubricant along the length of the drive shaft from the base to the head.

Once the shaft is fully and evenly lubricated, you can insert the shaft into the shaft housing and secure the gearbox and trimmer head back into place.

Now, with the proper lubrication, your weed wacker should run much more smoothly.

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