How to Repair Dead Grass Killed By Dog Urine

dead-spots-on-lawn-manny-reyesIf you have a dog, you’ve likely found a dead spot or two in your lawn from time to time.

I know a guy who has three large dogs, and every year he ends up with a large dead patch of grass on the side of his house. Come springtime, he always had trouble getting the grass to grow back. So this year he tried something a little bit different.

He figured out that the reason nothing would grow was because the pH level in the soil is thrown off from the dogs’ urine. The higher level of nitrogen in the urine raises the nitrogen level in the soil, preventing grass from growing.

Besides visiting a veterinarian to find a preventative measure, he found a way to grow new grass in the effected area.

First, it would be necessary to stir up the soil, and the best way to do so was with a tiller. Using a powerful front-tine tiller, he tore up the dead grass and stirred it directly into the dirt. Once the entire effected area was loose and well mixed, he  poured fresh top soil and compost down.

He then tilled the fresh top soil and compost into the ground. Doing so helped to lower the nitrogen level and give the lawn a fighting chance. Afterwards, he poured some top quality grass seed down and made sure to give it adequate water each day.

Before he knew it, he had fresh green grass where nothing would grow before. Simply tearing the old grass out won’t be enough to allow for successful growth of new grass seeds. Tilling the soil is important to break up those concentrated areas of nitrogen. Tilling in top soil and compost is equally important because it decreases the percentage of nitrogen.

By using either a front-tine or rear-tine tiller that’s powerful enough to break hard ground and stir in compost, you can fix your dead spots as well.


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