Getting Multiple Uses Out of Your String Trimmer

ImageSpring and early summer are times when you find yourself using multiple tools to complete multiple tasks all over your property. Between lawn mowing, string trimming, edging, cultivating flower beds, clearing brush, trimming tree branches, trimming hedges, and blowing clippings off your walkways, you find yourself juggling a half-dozen or more tools.

A great way to make this easier is to only have a few attachments. It saves space, saves money, and most importantly saves you time. There are string trimmers available that enable you to switch from string trimming to hedge trimming, to brush cutting, to grass blowing, edging, cultivating, and even trimming trees.

You’re likely familiar with the cluttered look of a garage or shed as space is filled with piles of tools and lawn equipment over the years. Nobody likes digging through tools to find what they need, and I’m sure it’s safe to assume your spouse hates it even more. This makes saving space easier. You can hang your attachments from hooks on the wall and mount your handheld unit beside them. This way, there’s no piles, no mess, and it’ll take you almost no time at all to find what you need.

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