What Do People Love About Mantis Tillers/Cultivators

You’ve likely heard more buzz about Mantis tillers than any other, but it’s not because they’re the bi
ggest, baddest, more powerful tiller on the market.

People tend to love the Mantis tiller because of its ergonomic, ease of use and its versatility in tight, garden-bed type areas.

We’ve found that the most popular model of Mantis tiller is the 9″ 21.2cc 2-cycle gas cultivator/mini tiller that comes with a bonus kickstand and border edger. While it’s not designed for breaking solid ground, it’s very effective as a garden tiller for stirring soil and mixing amendments. It’ll effectively loosen garden soil to make planting easier, which is nice when you consider the alternative – digging on your hands and knees with a little hand-shovel.7225-1_500

It’s 9″ wide and digs at a maximum depth of 10″. It’s great if you’re planting your flowers, but it’s even better if you have a vegetable garden that needs managing. They’re light-weight, only 20 pounds, and it’s very easy to switch from tiller to edger.

If you have trouble working heavy equipment, these tillers make it a lot easier to get the job done. They’re excellent for getting rid of weeds. For bigger jobs like turning a section of your lawn into a tilled garden bed, you’ll want to upgrade to a hard/clay soil tiller with rear tines, but for smaller jobs and maintaining an already existing garden bed, these Mantis tillers are a very easy and reliable way to get the job done for less.


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