Leaf Blower Noise – The New Frontier

product_8758_500A growing trend has cities and townships looking to ban leaf blowers to cut back noise pollution, but a simple look at newer models of gas leaf blowers will show that measures have already been taken by manufacturers to dampen the sound produced by as much as 90% when compared to some old models.

In some places, gas leaf blowers are being replaced by electric leaf blowers with the assumption that cutting out the gas engine will dramatically reduce sound. However, the electric models have a higher-pitched fan sound produced that’s not usually dampened at all, making them louder and more distracting than newer gas models.

Today’s top leaf blower manufacturers are creating powerful gas leaf blowers with special plastics to cut back vibration from the engine. They’re also adding sound-dampening materials to eliminate the whiny sound, implementing a new muffler concept that reduces exhaust sounds, and using other innovative techniques that help reduce sound from the air intake and the impeller/fan.

All of these innovative sound dampening techniques being used can make some gas leaf blowers quieter than the electric versions without reducing power or output. For this reason, it’s much more time efficient and much easier on the eardrums to equip city workers and landscapers with newer gas models rather than electric leaf blowers.


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