What’s the Difference Between a Weed Wacker and a Brush Cutter?

dsc01621_1Weed wacker is another name used for string trimmer. A weed wacker, or string trimmer, is a tool used for trimming away weeds, tall grasses, and other such unwanted growth around walkways, decks, siding, trees, and flower beds.

Weed wackers are typically hand-held, but walk-behind string trimmers are also available at specialty stores like String Trimmers Direct. Walk-behind weed wackers make larger trimming jobs much easier.

A brush cutter is very similar in style to a weed wacker, but brush cutters have very thick trimmer wire or blades that are capable of cutting through thicker growth like stalks, reeds, sticks, and even some small sapling trees.

Brush cutters usually have bigger engines with more horsepower, so their stronger cutting blades and wires can slice through thick brush like butter. You can get brush cutters in handheld or walk-behind at the same kinds of online trimmer stores such as String Trimmers Direct.

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