Meet Dale

Hello friend,

I’m Dale, the lawn specialist for Leaf Blowers Direct, String Trimmers Direct, & more. I aim to share my vast amount of knowledge and expertise with the world in an attempt to make yard work and tool selection second-nature to all.

As I continue to post new tips, explanations, and fun facts, be sure to voice any opinions or concerns you may have. Don’t ever hesitate to ask me a question or share an experience with me should you feel the desire.

I’m always happy to help out, clarify, and educate. Don’t be a stranger!

Should you be interested, these are a few of our other sites for power equipment.

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Sump Pumps Direct

Snow Blowers Direct

Power Equipment Direct


One Comment on “Meet Dale

  1. You speak of sweet gum balls and pine cones. How about picking up hickory nuts? Shagbark hickory nuts. 19 wheelbarrow loads of nuts and an 83-year-old back.


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